Powerful Commands, Just One Tick Away

Sorry, this extension is for Chrome only.

What is it?

Backtick is a console for bookmarklets and scripts, packaged as a Chrome extension. For a better explanation, just click the Install it button then press the backtick (`) key on your keyboard.

The extension comes with a set of predefined commands, you can checkout the library, or even create your own to use yourself or share with others.

The rebuilt Backtick was made by @iambriansreed, and is open sourced on GitHub. The original version of Backtick was developed by @JoelBesada.

Commands Library

These are commands you can enable and disable in the options. These are carefully reviewed and curated by the Backtick team.

Miscellaneous Commands

The following are gists forked from the original example command. Be aware that these are not supported or reviewed so be careful.
This list is cached and will be updated periodically.
Thanks to @lyoshenka for the original list.